The challenges faced by business owners, employees and self-employed individuals in dealing with the Covid 19 crisis are multifaceted and complex.  Adding to this are the issues faced in understanding the benefits and problems in filing a claim for NJ and NY unemployment insurance. Who is eligible? How long will it take? Why was I denied? Can I appeal? Is it better to lay off my people? How do I answer the NJ and NY Department of Labor questions and who can I talk to for assistance? How will this impact my PPP forgiveness? These are all questions that Pungello CPA has been hearing from clients and their employees.  While each business situation is unique and must be addressed as such, there are many problems that have more universal answers.  You need to speak to an experienced CPA who can guide you through this difficult terrain and share with you the latest regulatory guidance as well as the ideas and lessons learned from those in your industry.

Pungello CPA, in conjunction with MY Virtual HR Director have created a webinar designed to address many of these common concerns. Our goal was to not only demystify the process but to offer insights and strategies for those seeking to claim NJ and NY benefits. We also wanted to be a resource for employers who must make difficult financial and organizational decisions regarding their employees and their operations. And finally, we wanted to let people know they are not alone in this process.


At Pungello CPA, our focus is on you. Helping our clients and their employees navigate through these tough times is our main priority and focus. We will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of industry guidance and trends and are ready to answer your questions and come up with create solutions to your needs.


When you have questions, We have answers. You can reach Pungello CPA at (848) 222 – 2520 or click here!

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