Business Succession 

There are many considerations when planning the succession of any business. Succession planning can include the transferring a company to family or key employees. Pungello CPA can help you address issues like restructuring the business, choice on the entity, tax implications and retirement income strategies.

We treat people with great respect and sensitivity when planning the succession of a business. Leaving a legacy for future generations is your goal. Creating a plan that fits your needs is our goal. Pungello CPA has over 20 years helping business owners implement a plan which will insure the business can continue to grow and thrive. We are committed to the needs of the company and the ownership.



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Buy/Sell Agreements

Tax Planning

Family Transfers

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Key Employee Buyouts

Maintaining Liquidity

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Minimizing Capital Gains

Pungello CPA has a step by step process including the assessment of your needs and options available. We will help you developing a timeline and define the transition process. Reviewing the personal and business financials gives us the advantage to plan a smooth succession. We are confident in our ability to create an exit strategy for you.

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