Going Beyond the Numbers Part 2

By Vincent Pungello, CPA, CISA, CFSA, Managing Member Pungello CPA LLC

Can your CPA be the key to taking your business goals to the next level? The answer is yes! Once the ground rules are in place and both the business owner and CPA have determined that they have the resources, desire and commitment, then the work can begin. This article will focus on the creation and achievement of objectives. Future articles will focus on other aspects of the relationship that will be critical to the risk management and expansion of the business.

The first step is to create the business’ goals and objectives. This could mean certain levels of revenue, a merger, acquisition or potential investments in/by the business (real estate, etc.).  The business owner will need to do some soul searching and evaluation regarding their business and truly understand their position in their market and their value proposition to their clients.  

With these business goals in mind, the strategic plan to achieve them can be developed by the business owner and CPA. This will include creating realistic time frames for achieving the goals, designing metrics and reporting to capture the progress that is being made to achieve these objectives.  As this strategic plan progresses it may require changes to business focus, clients being serviced and a willingness to make the tough decisions as it relates to unprofitable segments or products and changes to personnel. The CPAs financial, operational and industry experience and expertise can be invaluable as these decisions are being made. In addition, the ability to be a sounding board for the business owner will have the added benefit of creating goodwill and trust.

In the next article we will explore how the expansion to business adviser and tough partner can fully utilize the expertise of the CPA and help take the clients business to the next level.

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