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PPP Loan Forgiveness Consultation for Law Firms 

Navigate the Updated PPP Regulations and its Effect on Your Business 

Spending way too much time on the PPP process? Get those billable hours back and let our experienced accounting team handle the piles of paperwork, compliance terms, and PPP loan forgiveness process.


A Brief Overview of Our Process

You need to have a plan in place for your PPP loan. Our team will take care of everything from planning to paperwork. This means you stay on track with the requirements that ensure you get the maximum PPP Loan forgiveness possible. 

Pungello CPA will assist you with all of the most important aspects of the PPP Loan Forgiveness Process.

Recognizing how your business is impacted by the current circumstances

Discerning the expenses you can address with loan proceeds

Understanding the terms of the loan you’ve received

Planning to amplify the impact of loan proceeds to help your business run smoothly

Preparing and compiling your key financial documents

Creating forecasted budgets, track and prove the allocation of funds as you use loan proceeds

Staying on track with vital guidelines and requirements to ensure maximum PPP loan forgiveness

Free 15 Minute Virtual Consultation:


During your consultation, we’ll explore how your business has or will be impacted by the current circumstances.

  • We’ll go over the PPP terms and guidelines to explain exactly how we’ll facilitate your compliance and forgiveness plan for PPP
  • We will analyze your industry and identify potential areas of concern when it comes to running your business during the current crisis
  • We’ll pinpoint the types of expenses you need to address to keep your business running

Planning and Implementation:


After your consultation, we’ll establish a bespoke plan for handling loan proceeds.

Your plan will not only help your business run during the current challenge, but it will also maximize your likelihood of PPP loan forgiveness (if applicable) and compliance with loan terms over a 10-to-16-week period.

Loan Forgiveness:


  • Work with you and your bank to process your loan forgiveness
  • Compile and prepare the required financial information to substantiating cash flows and expenses
  • Support your adherence to the terms of your loan so you can navigate the process with ease

We simplify the PPP loan process so you can get back to work and focus on the people you serve every day.

To schedule your FREE 15 minute virtual consultation – Please Call (848) 222-2521

Virtual Consultation

Planning & Implementation

Loan Forgiveness

“Bill Dimin, Esq., and the law firm of Spector & Dimin, began utilizing the professional CPA services of Vincent E. Pungello, Jr., CPA, CISA, CFSA and Pungello, CPA, LLC over five years ago. Vince personally handled all aspects of the law firm’s and partners’ professional and personal accounting needs. The recent transition to our new law firm of Dimin Fierro, LLC was eased by Vince’s expert advice and guidance throughout the process. We have full trust in his knowledge and expertise, and have full confidence that we will continue to receive the professional accounting services and personal touches that we have become accustomed to expect. Most recently, we relied on Vince during the pandemic to quickly prepare the applications necessary to maximize the benefits available to our business. It is without hesitation that we recommend Vincent E. Pungello, Jr. and Pungello, CPA, LLC for all of your business and accounting needs.

William N. Dimin, Esq.

Mark P. Fierro, Esq.



“Pungello CPA has been providing tax services for my estate planning and probate administrations for the last few years. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about individual and estate/inheritance tax, the client service is exceptional. They are responsive, deliver their work on time and are always helpful throughout the year and not just during tax time.  Overall, they are a delight to work with and I couldn’t be happier with their services.

Lauren D. Bercik, Esq.

Bercik Law

“Vinny was very helpful in providing information regarding the PPP loan. He was willing to work with me, even though I was not his client at the time, and provided sound advice in a calming manner during a difficult time.”

Sheryl J. Seiden 

Seiden Family Law, LLC

“As LEAP Certified Bookkeepers, the team at Pungello CPA understands how LEAP’s software works. By understanding LEAP’s software and maintaining a relationship with the LEAP Team, Pungello CPA can provide high level legal bookkeeping services to LEAP’s law firm clients without the need to first learn the firm’s practice management software system.” 

Sy Justin Sommer, Esq.

LEAP Partner Network Director

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Starts Here!

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